Managerial Leadership

PAI 895, 3 Credits

This course is designed for managerial leaders in the public sector and has two major objectives. First, the course is designed to help students to build a better understanding of leadership theories and how they underlie practice. Second, the course will guide students in assessing and improving their own managerial skills and competencies. To meet these objectives, much of the class time will be devoted to self-assessment and experiential learning activities.

Coursework will focus on the changing environment of management at all levels of the organizational hierarchy, the latest thinking in leadership, and concrete ideas to enhance students’ managerial abilities. Students will apply the theory to managerial situations and reflect on how they can continue to develop new leadership skills. They will improve their ability to observe and analyze leadership and gain new insights into how to lead.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain and assess leadership and managerial theories, skills, and competencies.
  • Apply leadership theories to workplace situations.
  • Assess how personality affects their leadership choices.