Human Resources Management for the Public Sector

PAI 747, 3 credits

Theory, research, and practices for effective human resources management in public and nonprofit agencies. Political and institutional context of public sector human resources management, evolution of U.S. civil service system, and critical issues confronting public managers.

People are the most valuable resource in any organization. Most public sector organizations spend more than 70 percent on personnel costs. It is the people who provide service, manage the business, and come up with creative solutions that keep organizations strong. Thus, how personnel are recruited, managed, and motivated is essential to an organization’s success. This course will look at the changing role of human resource management in the public sector from three perspectives: strategic, legal, and individual. This course defines public sector as including the nonprofit sector and provides materials and class discussion specifically focused beyond government. Students will learn broad concepts, theories, skills, and strategies applicable to any organization.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the conflicting demands on the human resource management function.
  • Identify and explain the link between effective human resource management and achieving public policy and social goals.
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to practical problems in human resource management.
  • Demonstrate skills required for developing staff productivity and motivation.